Thursday, 17 September 2015

Busy Busy and impending Winter

So as i write this the weather is doing that strange thing of swinging betwix n between sunny n showery, or as we like to call it at van painting time of the year HELL. Every year our lovely van has to be touched up in the bodywork areas to try to delay the onslaught of the winter months, in an attempt to stave off the rust , for this of course we need good weather , as we don't have a garage . So please keep fingers crossed that the showers will stop and we can press on with whats needed. Just incase you have forgotten what he looks like, May I introduce to you Harvey

Now in the gallery, many things have been happening, Mick is still busy with the new . this will be full of his beautiful sea inspired, beach discovered jewelry, Ranging from Sea Glass, Pebbles, Pewter and Copper, To his new range of reclaimed and re used old silver coin jewelry. well worth keeping an eye on and full of fab gift ideas for...dare I say it...Christmas... There I did it...can't take it back now. 

This little lady is available now to buy from the gallery, My number 3 in the Battery Rocks Swimmer range, her name is Cherie. A number of new items are on their way also, some new Fat Catz, although these sell fast, so i must make some more, A new range if cats in trees ( I need a snappier name for those ) Some new Fishing Boats and some more Mermaids, as well as trying to finish the Moose Head Trophy that i'm working on at present... I really must get my head down and do some work. 
Hopefully there will be plenty of time still to get in a few surfs, maybe a run or two, ( but after my fall, maybe stick to daylight hours in future ) and the odd cycle too. Oh anybody got any spare hours in the day that they can give me..... 

Monday, 31 August 2015


Well since the last post I've had a birthday and enroled on a years course to become a masseuse. So this year, not only will I be older, in theory I shall be wiser too. This time of year it can get a little hard to make sense of things as the fatigue that goes along with the end of a season can become all encompassing, but I'm trying to hang in there and carry on creating. This little lady was my most uptodate finished piece.

She did infact not even have a chance to hit the shop as she sold before she was finished. I was very fond of "Martha", but she headed off to a good home i'm sure.
In other news, Mick is working on a new website for his jewelry, most of it is based around Pewter and  Sea Glass (very Cornish....very Poldark) but there is some lovely new pieces incorporating beach pebbles too, so it will be well worth keeping your eyes peeled for news about that. 

Any hoo, It's bank Holiday Monday so i'm off...i'm still at work , but I must get my latest lovely lady finished so she can be placed pride of place in the window. Keep em peeled for pics of her once shes done. 

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Busy busy busy

Well, I've been so busy of late that time is running away with itself, main season is well and truly upon us and the chaos that that brings. Here in the gallery many things have been happening, new work is coming and going at a pace that means its hard to keep up with making everything, opening the gallery , blogging and still finding " me " time. So sorry the blog has taken a hit. But here i am again.
Here's the latest item to hit the walls, he was done as a pre cursor to a large Moose head trophy that i have been commissioned to do by an Animation company based here in town. he came out rather well I think , here's hoping the moose looks as well
Amongst the papier mache in the gallery, there nestles many other things Mick at present is working allot with Pewter and sea glass or semi precious stones to make his beautiful jewellery, her es a couple of pieces hes just finished.

The top one is a pewter bangle set with an amethyst cabochon, and the lower piece is silver and amethyst, the silver starting out life as an old silver coin, set onto a copper backing, on a sterling silver chain. 
Anyhoo, I best get back at it, there are more lovely reubenesque ladies to mache, mooses to finish, Surfing to be done and fun to be had. I look forward to catching up again soon. Thanx for reading. 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sennen Mermaid

So heres mermaid number 2, The Sennen Mermaid..... now those in the know will think i'm the sennen mermaid, with my unruly blonde hair and a fair few hours spent in the sea, But no... the true mermaid is here ( well not the REAl one obs) shes still in the sea , sitting on Cowloe, watching the waves.

So there she be, waiting for some lucky person to snap her up and take her home, so that they can always have a small piece of cornwall with them. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

New Editions and the Mermaid of Zennor

Well, this weather has made for some interesting sea conditions, but the time has been used wisely There are many new pieces arriving at the gallery . Working into the night to get things done for easter everything has suddenly started to come together. The new range of unique Mermaids, all one offs have been finished as well as some that are being made via moulds that i have taken, this ensuring that all price ranges can be covered, This ones called The Mermaid of Zennor. named after the local legend.

Then there are the fish, these guys hang from the ceiling and look like they are swimming across your room , here are a few of them 

Today has seen the coming together of a few more pieces, just the last coats of varnish and these will be joining the rest of the stock in the gallery
So all told its definately worth a trip over to St Just for a look at the mo. Of course once ive finished making i shall then have the time to load them all onto the website and also onto Etsy too. 
Anyhoo, Its Easter Friday, heres hoping that we all have a fab time and the sea settles down so that we can all enjoy the ocean, and maybe the odd choccie too. I've got a few more bits to finish so i'll be off. Have a fab time 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

New Beginings and some New Stock

So finally my home break was working this morning, It seems like an age since we have just been able to pop down for a surf before work, without having to drive sooo far. OK so its only poss a further 3 miles but hey it all adds up. It was also lovely to catch up with some people ive not seen for eons, it feels like the winter is finally heading out and possibly spring is on its way. Anyhow, nice surf under my belt, I headed into the gallery to finish off some items i've been working on. Its all change here, the colour of the outside is new, the sign has been perked up, the inside redecorated, a good clean and a change around, all ready for these guys

                                                        And also more of these chaps

There are still plenty more new items in the making, our studio is full of Mermaids, Surfers and Swimmers in various stages just waiting to be finished and unveiled, so keep your eyes open. 

Sooo heres to the end of winter and new beginings in the gallery. Fingers crossed for a good season

Saturday, 31 January 2015

New Things A Comin

For anybody that has known me for a while they will know that i used to primarily make Papier Mache clocks and various other items, it has come to my attention that i haven't done enough of this of late. I LOVE mache, its green, its fun and oh so versitile . 

So as my new years resolution i have vowed to do more of it, I have some grand ideas, some smaller ideas , but you can rest assured that they are all, bright , colourfull and totally unique.